Mrs. Walls' Math Blog (Week of 5.13.19)

posted May 10, 2019, 11:07 AM by Melanie Walls
Mrs. Walls' Math Blog (Week of 5.13.19)

We will finish Chapter 11: Geometry and Fraction Concepts.  In this chapter, students will learn about three-dimensional and two-dimensional shapes.  They will also learn about equal parts of a whole.

Lessons this week include identifying and naming equal parts of circles and rectangles as halves, thirds, or fourths, partitioning shapes to show halves, thirds, or fourths, identifying and describing one equal part as a half of, a third of, or a fourth of a whole, and solving problems involving wholes divided into equal shares by using the strategy draw a diagram.

Students will take their Chapter 11 Test on Friday, May 17.

Why teach this?
It is important for children to build a conceptual foundation about fractions so they can be prepared to use fractions in later grades.  Children will apply their knowledge of equal parts as they divide a whole into equal parts of halves, thirds, and fourths.

Chapter 11 Vocabulary-
For each chapter, I will be providing a list of important vocabulary words related to our in class learning.  Developing student's math language is a great way to improve their problem solving skills (think of complex word problems!).
  • angle- a shape formed by two line segments that share the same endpoint
  • cone- a three-dimensional shape with a circular base and a point at the top
  • cube- a three-dimensional shape with six square faces
  • cylinder- a three-dimensional shape with two circular parallel bases and a curved surface
  • edge- where two faces of a three-dimensional shape meet
  • face- a polygon that is a flat surface of a three-dimensional shape
  • fourths- four equal parts
  • halves- two equal parts
  • hexagon- a polygon with six sides
  • pentagon- a polygon with five sides
  • quadrilateral- a polygon with four sides
  • rectangular prism- a three-dimensional shape with six faces that are rectangles
  • side- one of the line segments that forms a polygon
  • thirds- three equal parts
  • vertex- the point where 2 sides of a polygon meet or 3 or more edges of a three-dimensional shape meet
All homework for this week is due on Sunday, May 19.  

Monday- Lesson 11.8 Homework and OPTIONAL Chapter 11 Practice Test
Tuesday- Lesson 11.9 Homework 
Wednesday- Lesson 11.10 Homework 
Thursday- Lesson 11.11 Homework 
Friday- No homework