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Mrs. Painz

About Me
        My name is Mrs. Painz and I am excited to be your homeroom teacher this school year! I grew up in New England and moved to Colorado in 2005. Colorado is such an amazing state with so much to do. I can’t imagine myself ever living anywhere else! I really enjoy the outdoors, especially when it means I can be out on a lake or in the mountains hiking or snowboarding. I also enjoy gardening, tennis, baking, and crocheting.
        My husband, Nick, is a Colorado native. We met in 2006 and married in 2013. We have one son, Ben, who turned two in March, and one dog, Enzo, who is still a puppy.
        I graduated with a bachelor degree in anthropology and linguistics from CU Boulder in 2009 and worked in the fitness industry for a few years before going back to school to follow my true passion, teaching. In 2013, I graduated from Metropolitan State University with my master’s degree in elementary education. I have taught fifth grade since 2014 and earned the endorsement, 
Gifted Education Specialist (PreK-12) in 2016.

What I Love about Teaching
        One of the greatest reasons that I love teaching is the opportunity to help shape students into amazing people. I believe that staying true to who you are and having integrity are two of the most important things that you can learn in life. I strive to help students become honest, caring, respectful, and compassionate people who are brave enough to have integrity, be themselves, and reach for their dreams.

How to Contact Me
Room - 144
Phone - 303-450-3936
email - jessica.painz@stargateschool.org

Please access our class photos at: https://mrspainz5thgrade2018.shutterfly.com/

I will be creating three blogs (which are highlighted below). They cover Theme, Literary Arts, and Math. All of my blogs support RSS, so you can watch just the blogs that interest you by subscribing to them on the blog pages.


I keep all grades on Infinite Campus which you can access from the menu. All other information is on my blogs.
 My husband, son, and me at a Rockies game this past summer.     My husband, son, and puppy      Ben and me ready for a Pats game!      My family and me in Florida      Ben playing in the water at Elitches

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Mrs. Painz's Literacy Blog

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Mrs. Painz's Math Blog

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