Elementary School

2019-2020 Elementary School Supply Information can be found HERE

Kindergarten Team:
Kindergarten Team 2017-2018

  Kindergarten Home Page

  Mrs. Bowman
  Ms. Peters
  Mrs. Wells
  Mrs. Wilson
  Team Files
1st Grade Team

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1st Grade Home Page

  Ms. Kim
  Mrs. Ramsey
  Mrs. Spletzer
  Mrs. Walls
  Team Files
2nd Grade Team:

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 2nd Grade Home Page

  Miss Bolger
  Mrs. Falace
  Mrs. Lee
  Mrs. Martinac
  Mrs. Ross  
  Team Files
 3rd Grade Team:

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 3rd Grade Home Page

  Ms. Anderson
  Ms. Saul
  Mrs. Ware
  Ms. Zelinger Cohen
  Team Files
 4th Grade Team:

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3rd and 4th grade team 2017-2018
 4th Grade Home Page

  Ms. Gipson
  Mrs. Hanna
  Mrs. Millar
  Mr. VanPatten
  Team Files
5th Grade Team:

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Fifth Grade Team 2017-2018
  5th Grade Home Page

Elementary Specials Team:
Elementary Specials_2018-2019

  Elementary Specials Home Page

Team Leads

Team Lead and other Communications Pathways contacts can be found in this directory.