School Calendars

2019-2020 Stargate School Calendar

2018-2019 Stargate School Calendar

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 If you're looking for a schedule of Elementary AB days, click here. For the Middle School AB Calendar, click here. These calendars are also posted in Forms and Files, accessible via the left navigation.

School Start and Dismissal Times

K-5th Grade
Arrival between 7:45am-7:55am
First Bell rings at 7:55am
Half Day Kindergarten 8am-11:05am
Full Day Kindergarten 8am-2:45pm (Students can be picked up 2:45-3:00 from the Kindergarten Playground)
1st thru 5th grade 8am-3pm
Middle and High School
Arrival between 7:45-8:00am
First Bell rings at 8:04am
Classes 8:10am-3:40pm
Wednesdays are Early Release Day
Kindergarten through 5th grade dismissed at 1:30pm
Half Day Kindergarten released at 11:05am
Middle and High School dismissed at 2:10pm

How do I subscribe to a Calendar?

Our electronic calendars are published using the iCal format and are available as a direct feed from the internet (or soon will be). That means you can integrate the calendar directly into your smart phone, Google, outlook, or any calendar (and can choose the layers you specifically want to see) that can receive an iCal feed. Note: If you are a Google Gmail user and are familiar with Google Calendars, here is their product page on how to add a calendar.

Where can I find the link for a specific calendar?

You can find additional information on how to utilize Stargate calendars on the FAQs for the Website Page.