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Middle School Athletics

Stargate School offers interscholastic athletics for sixth - eighth grade boys and girls. A founding member of the Middle School Athletic League, student-athletes can participate in Basketball, Soccer, Cross Country, Girls Volleyball, or Boys Baseball.

Hello all Stargate Parents and Players,

Welcome to our new season! Please make sure that fees have been paid and all physicals and forms are up to date prior to participating. 

Players will be expected to be fully dressed and present out on the soccer field for each practice. It is the player’s responsibility to advise the coaching staff if/when they will be late to, or absent from a practice or game. Part of our decision on who plays in the game(s) will be based on a player’s attendance, effort, and attitude while at practice. Parents can pick their children up at 5:00pm every day we have practice. If players are not picked up by 5:00pm, students will be sent to Eagles Landing. Because of safety concerns, we cannot leave players unattended outside. 
Participants will be taught how to work hard and experience the satisfaction that goes with giving their best in whatever they do. As coaches we will emphasize the importance of discipline, class, professionalism, sportsmanship, and effort. Team concept will be taught and practiced. A sense of community will be fostered throughout this process allowing students to respect and support one another. 

Please Note: Parents are responsible for transportation to all away games. Players often carpool with each other. Stargate does not provide any transportation to or from games. Coaches are also not allowed to take players to games.

Boys Soccer: Late August - Early October
Girls Soccer: Late March - Middle of May
Boys Basketball: Late October to Early December
Girls Basketball: January to February 
Girls Volleyball: Late August - Early October   

Stargate Athletics Parent Communication Guide

Contact Information:

Athletic Directors - Scott Richardson
Phone - 303-450-3936

To participate in a Middle School Sport, you need to fill out the online registration form, submit a physical signed by a doctor (good for one calendar year), and pay the sports fee after it is applied to your account. More information can be found in the Forms Fees & Physicals section.


Team Information & Schedules:

The Stargate Athletic Code:

The conduct of a Stargate athlete is closely observed by many people. An athlete is a representative of a team, a school, and a community. It is important, therefore, that a Stargate athlete maintain high standards in all aspects of adolescence and young adult life. Since participation in athletics is a privilege, not a right, maintenance of such high standards as is reflected in the Stargate School Athlete’s Handbook is a condition of team membership and participation. Failure to maintain such standards may result in an athlete’s elimination from athletic participation.