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HS Cheer

About The Program

Important Cheer Information, 2019-2020

Based on interest in being a cheerleader for the 2019-2020 seasons, there are some major changes in store. Please read the following carefully and email with any questions.

Contact Information
Contact - Coach Meaghan Walsh
Email -

HS Cheer Try Out Information:
    Try outs for the 2019-2020 school year will be held in the Stargate Fieldhouse May 1-3 from 4:00-6:00 PM

        1. Complete the Online Registration Form HERE- DUE  April 24 at 3:45 PM
        2. Physical form-Every athlete, regardless of sport, is required to have an annual physical in order to participate in a sport at Stargate. Your physician will provide you with a signed form or you may use the CHSAA Physical Form                     which needs to be turned into the Secondary front office before May 1, 2019. Physical must have been within the past 365 days.

Other important information:

Tryout Procedure

  1. By April 24, the following are due

    1. Tryout application including:

      1. Team preference and Consent Forms (Google Form)

      2. Medical Physical form (hard copy)

  2. Tryouts will include 2 mandatory clinic sessions followed by one day with performances in front of the coaches. (ALL are closed to the public) Performances will be scored based on the attached scoresheet.

    1. For tryouts, athletes will be expected to learn 2 sideline cheers, one floor cheer, and perform 3 jumps and one tumbling skill of their choice.

    2. Cheer videos will be posted on the Stargate website after the first day of tryouts for practice at home.

  3. Athletes will also be judged on coordination, technique, memory, and showmanship.

  4. Tryouts will occur in the fieldhouse. Clinics will run from 4:00-6:00 and tryouts themselves will be based on the time of your performance. Athletes will perform in small groups with designated times, taking into account scheduling needs.

Important Dates **Late registration will not be accepted**

  1. April 24 3:45pm

    1. Online Registration Form completed and physical form turned in to front office or emailed to

  2. May 1, May 2 4:00pm-6:00pm

    1. Tryout clinic, new and returning members (closed to the public)

  3. May 3 4:00pm-6:00pm

    1. Tryouts (closed to the public)

  4. Mid-May

    1. Parent meeting, camp clothing and shoe fittings

Tryout Days

  • Apparel

    • Athletes must wear white shirts or Stargate PE shirts (no other logos or writing).

    • Black or purple shorts, Soffee brand, spandex, or other cotton/running shorts.

    • White socks and white shoes, shoes must have a clean sole. If you have worn them outside, wash the soles well and only wear them inside for the duration of tryouts.

    • Hair in a high pony if below the chin, bangs out of the face.

    • Bows are optional, white if you are wearing one.

    • NO jewelry or fake nails.

  • No phones in the gym. Use a gym locker (bring your own lock if you don’t have a locker already).

  • Video tryouts are possible if you have a conflict. This is on a per-person basis and only after a conversation between Ms. Walsh and the athlete. Acceptable reasons would include school athletic competitions or family emergencies.

Team Structure
We will be offering two levels of cheer next year. Before deciding which you want to participate in, think about the level of commitment you can make to the squad.
  1. Varsity or Competitive

    1. The varsity squad will be a higher level squad, preparing to be a competitive squad in the 2019-2020 school year. Competitions for the 2019-2020 school year are pending league and CHSAA approval. Competition information will be shared as soon as it is available. Participation on this squad will require more hours of commitment, will have higher costs, and will be more intense. This squad will be difficult to participate on if you are planning on playing other sports.

    2. Expectations and costs

      1. Summer camp: Minimum 3 nights overnight through Varsity, costs approximately $450.00, payment due before the end of this school year. Camp will be either July 12-15 or July 17-20.

      2. Mandatory practices starting in August, running through the end of basketball season.

      3. Attendance at all Varsity basketball home games including any tournament games.

      4. Summer workouts with Mr. Spletzer, attendance will be taken and expected for a certain number of workouts.

      5. Attendance at school events including back to school nights, certain CRC events, and sporting events other than basketball.

      6. Tumbling: at least a cartwheel.

      7. New uniforms and shoes: costs TBD

      8. Camp outfits: Three outfits, costs TBD, payment due before the end of this school year.

  2. Junior Varsity or Sideline

    1. The JV squad will be for people who are new to cheer, play other sports, or want to have less long term commitment. They will be mostly a sideline squad during the basketball season.

      1. No summer camp, recommended workouts with Mr. Spletzer during the summer.

      2. Practices begin with the end of volleyball/fall sports seasons.

      3. Sideline performances at jv basketball games.

        1. Some JV athletes may be asked to cheer on the sideline with the Varsity squad based on experience and skill.

      4. Use 2018-2019 uniforms (some may be available for purchase used).

        1. Additional costs to include warm ups, bows, and shoes.

      5. Tumbling is a bonus but not required.

Cheer Handbook Excerpts


  1. The purpose of the Stargate School Cheerleading program can be summarized in the following.

    1. Enthusiasm

      1. Cheerleaders will promote school spirit that will generate pride and enthusiasm from the student body, staff, parents and fans and direct it toward encouraging all athletes.

    2. Excellence

      1. Cheerleaders will develop an attitude of excellence by offering their very best effort toward the perfection of every cheer and routine.

    3. Example

      1. Cheerleaders will be an example of character in what they say, how they act, and in their attitude with others.


  1. Eligibility

    1. Cheerleaders are subject to the minimum academic eligibility requirements.  If a cheerleader is failing (receiving and “F”) in two or more classes they are ineligible.  Please see the Consequences section of this Handbook. Someone wishing to tryout for cheerleading may be asked not to try out if the athlete has been ineligible several times throughout the current school year.

    2. All cheerleaders must submit to the appropriate school personnel, a Physical Examination form signed by a licensed physician (MD), physician’s assistant (PA), or nurse practitioner (NP).  Physicals must be turned in at the beginning of the season. You MUST have a physical prior to tryouts – no exceptions.

    3. All cheerleaders must submit to the appropriate school personnel all school paperwork prior to tryouts.

    4. No prior cheerleading experience is required; however, all applicants must be willing to learn tumbling, stunts and routines.


  1. Uniforms will be purchased by each cheerleader.  It is expected that uniforms remain in good condition and that they fit.  If any part of the uniform is not in good condition or does not fit properly, it is the responsibility of the cheerleader to re-purchase or alter these items.

  2. It is important shoes are taken care of.  They must be in good condition for competitions.  A cheerleader may be asked to buy another pair of shoes if they are not in good condition. Cheer shoes are only to be worn inside and for practices and games. Shoes that have been worn outside will need to be replaced before the next practice/game.

Financial Information

  1. Financial Commitment

    1. Cheerleading is a financial commitment.  All cheerleaders are expected to make payments at the set due date. This includes camps, uniforms (including bows, warm ups, poms, etc), shoes, and camp wear depending on team.