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High School Cross Country

About The Program

Cross country is a unique blend of individual and team. The greater the success of an individual, the greater the success of the team. Around our team, you will hear a lot about "attitude" and "effort". In short, these are the two things that you are always in control of and the things we will focus on. in cross country, those with exceptional effort and the right attitude will always be more successful than those without.

Our mindset is one of long-term development, both of athletes and people, and we will work to get a little bit better each day for, hopefully, all 4 years of high school. Everyone on the team gets coached, and gets to compete, no matter their ability or how "fast" they are. As said above, all of our runners play a role in our team’s success!

These concepts play a role in “competitive excellence” which is what we are always striving for as a team. In broad terms, competitive excellence can be defined as every individual being willing and able to do what is necessary to put the team in the right position for success. Competitive excellence requires personal sacrifice and the toughness to be comfortable with being outside your comfort zone. We want the best from you. What that happens, our team performs the best. 

Pat Williams

The season starts on August 14th. Practices will be daily from 3:50 to 6:00pm. Please see the main athletic webpage for details on how to sign up.

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