Spanish 1: May 14th-18th

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Hola padres! This week in first grade Spanish we will be wrapping things up with weather/seasons and moving on to our last unit on travel/shopping. The list for this week is as follows:
  • hace las maletas (ah-say lahs mah-lay-tahs): he/she packs their suitcase
  • el traje de bano (trah-hay day bahn-yo): bathing suit
  • tiene calor (tee-eh-nay cah-lor): he/she is hot
  • se pone (say poe-nay): he/she puts on
  • el vestido (veh-stee-doe): dress
  • la camisa (kah-mee-sah): shirt
  • tiene frio (tee-eh-nay free-oh): he/she is cold
  • el abrigo (ah-bree-go): coat
  • compra (com-prah): he/she buys
Learning Objectives:
1) Students will be able to understand descriptions of all weather/seasons in Spanish on a listening activity.
2) Students will be able to match clothing pictures with words in Spanish on a review packet.

On Tuesday, students will have some time to review their weather/seasons words with a partner, they will play a game of flyswatter, engage in a listening activity and finally will complete a drawing activity.

On Thursday, I will present the travel/shopping vocabulary, we will do some storytelling and students will complete a review packet.

HomeworkSpanish folders will be coming home again on Thursday. Please review the Unit 7 words with your child, sign the vocabulary list and send it back with your child's emptied folder by Monday (5/21).

Other Important Info: None

As always, thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!
Laura Karstens,
May 11, 2018, 3:06 PM
Laura Karstens,
May 11, 2018, 3:06 PM