Week of March 2

posted Mar 2, 2015, 7:26 AM by Holly Spriggs   [ updated Mar 2, 2015, 7:26 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
Students have been assigned a research paper that correlates with their History project.  They will be writing a 5 paragraph essay on their explorer's discoveries and what significant events happened during the discovery and what impact they had on the explorer, his crew, or the world. Students will work on the final copy in class today.  The final copy is due tomorrow at the beginning of class.  Students will also need to turn in their outline and rough draft.  Students have the expectations and due dates on a bright orange paper.  I have also attached a copy of the expectations.Please be sure to read over this and discuss the due dates and expectations with your child.  Due dates will also be on my calendar.

On Tuesday students will be assigned an independent book project.  They will need to choose a book to read and have it approved by me and their parents.  Look for an approval sheet to come home on Tuesday.  This will be due on Friday and they will also need to bring their book in at that time.  As they are reading the book they will need to choose 10 vocabulary words and fill out the organizer.  Students will need notecards for this.  They will also complete a project after finishing their book.  They will have a list of choices and I am encouraging them to use their talents and strengths to complete this project. The project is due March 20 and they will present after spring break.

We will also be focusing this semester on grammar.  We will begin each day with Daily Oral Language and every Wednesday will be a grammar lesson. This Wednesday we will focus on subject and verb agreement.
Students should be working on their Writer's Notebooks at home.  This is a place to record thoughts, ideas, pondering, wondering, observations, etc. They need to write in it 2 times a week for 10 minutes (Period 5), which should consist of at least half a page, or 20 minutes (Period 6), which should consist of a page, each time. The next due date is  Friday, March 13.  They should have 15 more entries for a total of 45 entries.

I will put all homework assignments on my calendar at the bottom of the page. Please check it daily. If you cannot see the calendar, have your child look at their Google calendars as I have shared my assignment calendar with them.

PARCC testing begins this week. This week 6th graders will be taking the language arts assessments on Wednesday morning and Thursday afternoon. Next week they will be taking the math assessment on Wednesday morning. 

Spring middle school parent/teacher conferences will be held this week, Wednesday, March 4th from 3-7 PM and Thursday, March 5th from 4-7 PM. Conferences will be held in rooms 166 and 167 as an open house format so you may drop in at any time during the conference time windows to talk with me.