Sergeeff's Weekly Math Blog! (Oct. 31 - Nov. 4)

posted Oct 31, 2016, 11:54 AM by   [ updated Oct 31, 2016, 11:54 AM by Lisa Griffin ]

I cannot wait to see what creative costumes the students will be dressed in for Halloween! We are going to start the week off with some fun Halloween activities. Also, we will be working through Chapter 5 (Adding One, Tens, Hundreds, and Thousands). We will be applying what we have learned in our first unit and using number discs to assist us in solving. 

Home Enjoyment
Monday, 10/31 : None.
Tuesday, 11/1 : IXL (15 minutes) - 3rd Grade Addition/Subtraction of Choice
Wednesday, 11/2 : p. 48-50
Thursday, 11/3 : p. 51-52
Friday, 11/4 : None.

Dinner Table Talking Points

We know that kids often say they have nothing to talk about when asked about their day at school. Here are a few suggestions to help get them talking about what they learned and experienced this week. Ask your child...

1. To tell you about their Halloween BINGO game.

2. To tell you about the word problems they created.

3. To tell you what the four steps are to solving a word problem (understand, plan, solve, and check).

4. To tell you about their electronic party.

5. To show you how to use number discs when solving an addition problem.