Sergeeff's Weekly Math Blog! (Mar. 20 - 24)

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This week we will continue working on our unit on length. We will work with converting, measuring, adding, and subtracting yards, feet, and inches. If time allows, we will begin chapter four on miles. 

Home Enjoyment
Monday, 3/20 : Play outside for 15-20 minutes! (Happy Spring!!)
*Chapter 2 Test*
Tuesday, 3/21 : Workbook p. 19-20
Wednesday, 3/22 Workbook p. 21-22
Thursday, 3/23 : IXL - 3rd Grade - Units of Measurement (Length)
Friday, 3/24 : None.

Dinner Table Talking Points

We know that kids often say they have nothing to talk about when asked about their day at school. Here are a few suggestions to help get them talking about what they learned and experienced this week. Ask your child...

1. To give you example of units of length from the metric and customary system.

2. To tell you how many feet and in one yard.

3. To tell you how they did on their chapter two test.

4. To tell you what their favorite thing about Spring is.