Sergeeff's Weekly Math Blog! (Apr. 17 - 21)

posted Apr 16, 2017, 7:05 PM by   [ updated Apr 16, 2017, 7:05 PM by Lisa Griffin ]
This week we will begin Unit 10 on Fractions! We will make a whole with fractions, compare and order fractions with a common numerator and denominator, and recognize equivalent fractions. 

Home Enjoyment
Monday, 4/17 : Workbook p. 90-94
Tuesday, 4/18 : Workbook p. 95-97 (Due: Thursday)
Wednesday, 4/19 Expo Day! (No Class)
Thursday, 4/20 : IXL (3rd Grade) - Fractions (15 min.)
Friday, 4/21 : None.

Dinner Table Talking Points

We know that kids often say they have nothing to talk about when asked about their day at school. Here are a few suggestions to help get them talking about what they learned and experienced this week. Ask your child...

1. To tell you what the top number of a fraction is called (numerator).

2. To tell you what the bottom number of a fraction is called (denominator).

3. To tell you how many parts are in 1/6 (6).

4. To give you an equivalent fraction of 1/2.

5. To tell you about their passion project/expo day! :)