Sergeeff's Weekly Literacy Blog! (Oct. 24 - 28)

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This week we are starting our first chapter book together as a class! We will be reading "Cam Jansen and the Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds". As we read we will be taking effective notes on our clipboards. As we take notes will be looking for any possible suspects and clues that might help us solve the mystery. I will continue meeting with our reading groups this week to work on various reading strategies. 

In writing we will making subjects and verbs agree and create simple and compound sentences.

The students will receive their new Spelling Menu this week. Please look for a light green or white sheet of paper. I apologize in advance if this creates any confusion (we ran out of purple paper this week). The Spelling Menu with all student work attached is due Friday, October 28th along with their Reading Log. Also, please look for a sheet in your child's Monday Folder regarding Spelling City. I have created an account for each student so that they are able to play fun games at home as another way to practice their words. Please contact me for the account information if it does not show up at home for any reason. 

Home Enjoyment
Reading Log - Due: Friday, 10/28 
Spelling Menu - Due: Friday, 10/28
*Spelling Test - Friday, 10/28*

Dinner Table Talking Points

We know that kids often say they have nothing to talk about when asked about their day at school. Here are a few suggestions to help get them talking about what they learned and experienced this week. Ask your child...

1. To tell you about the possible suspects in "The Mystery of the Stolen Diamonds".

2. To tell you the difference between a simple sentence and a compound sentence.

3. To tell you about their most recent mystery readers!

4. To show you their Spelling City games online.

5. To pull out the subject and verb in the sentence, "The cat ran down the street."