Sergeeff's Weekly Literacy Blog! (Jan. 3 - 6)

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I hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break. My family definitely enjoyed ours. It was a blast hanging out with my family in Pennsylvania as well as celebrating my little one's first Christmas here in Colorado. 

I am so glad to be back with my class this week. We have many exciting events coming up in literacy. First, I want to personally invite all of you to our performances this Friday, January 6th at 9:00am. They will take place in my classroom (Room 128). The students have all been working very hard on their scripts and backdrops and would love to share their performances with you! 

In order to make this an event the students deserve, I am hoping to provide the students with popcorn and drinks. If you are interested in donating bagged popcorn, small waters, or bowls please send sign up on the link provided.

We will be using this week to prepare for Friday's event. In writing, we will be finishing up our final draft of our Narratives, discussing pronouns, and working with various spelling patterns.

The students will not have a spelling list this week. Instead, we will be taking our second spelling inventory. This is just a quick test to help me see what is the best placement for them. I will be adjusting spelling groups as needed. They will be receiving a their new lists next Monday. 

The students received a new reading log for the week. I have blacked out Monday's slot since we did not have school. That being said, there are only three required nights of reading. This log will be due Friday, January 6th. 

Starting this month, we will be starting our Book It! program. I will be supplying a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut to any student who completes all of their reading logs for the month! This includes reading a total of fifteen minutes or more each night (Monday-Thursday). This is another great way to get your kid super excited about reading! :)

Home Enjoyment
Reading Log - Due: Friday, 1/6
*No Spelling*

Dinner Table Talking Points

We know that kids often say they have nothing to talk about when asked about their day at school. Here are a few suggestions to help get them talking about what they learned and experienced this week. Ask your child...

1. To tell you what makes a good actor.

2. To tell you what makes a good audience.

3. To tell you what a pronoun is.

4. To tell you about their new Book It! program.

5. To read their lines to you.