week of 9-21-15

posted Sep 21, 2015, 7:32 AM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Sep 21, 2015, 7:32 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
Today is the kick off for our next fund raising collection!  This one is an easy one, you probably have several of these labels on items in your pantry.  We don't have homerooms in Middle School, however if you send them in, we will figure out where they go and towards who's party it goes  :)
Box Tops, Labels for Education and Longmont Dairy Milk Caps
Announcing our first Box Top, Labels for Education and Longmont Dairy Milk Cap class competition for the year; the contest will run from September 21st thru October 2nd. Gather all of the box tops, labels and milk caps that you've been collecting all summer, put them in a bag (include the name of your teacher) and drop them in the main collection box near the elevator or deliver to your child’s homeroom teacher. Each of these items earns our school $$ or points towards valuable school equipment. The winning class (es) for each category (Box Tops, Labels for Education and Longmont Dairy Milk Caps) will earn a party of their choice: Ice Cream, Root Beer Floats, Pizza or Doughnuts. Careful cutting and examination of expiration dates is appreciated as are clean milk caps! Full UPCs must be included on Labels for Education labels.

L2- Welcome back 6th graders, I know you had a great time in the mountains :)  Your first draft of our narrative is due today - 350 word minimum.  We will be doing some "revisioning" and working on our 2nd draft - 400 word minimum.  By the end of the week your final draft will be due with a 450 word minimum.

My 7th grade friends, we will be sharing parts of our narratives today as well as reflecting on the process.  We will be doing some work with non-fiction while the 6th graders work on their narratives.

L3- We will share parts of our memoirs today as well as do a reflection about the process.  We will do some grammar and start our novel later this week.

Remember you have 11 entries due by 9/27 in your Writer's Notebooks.  This is a place to record your ideas, thoughts, feelings, wonderings, ponderings, on-going stories, etc.however it is not a diary or journal.  Remember each entry must be at least 20 minutes of writing and you should complete at least 2 entries each week.  We will have a Writer's Notebook check around 20 entries.

Make sure to turn in your signed back page of the syllabus.  It is now two weeks late.

Have a great week! :)