week of 4-21-14

posted Apr 21, 2014, 3:17 PM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Apr 21, 2014, 3:17 PM by Lisa Griffin ]
This is the week!! We are excited about our Night of the Notables Thursday night.  Please remember that the notables need to be here in class Thursday morning and then they can participate in Take Your Child To Work day after that.

Everyone should be memorizing their bio-riddles with accents/ speech patterns/ personality. Notables need to bring their costumes (or the parts that they do have) to class on Tuesday for our first dress rehearsal.  Please remember notables need to be here with their learning centers, food, and any props at 6pm so we can start at 6:30pm sharp Thursday. Notables can arrive in costume or change here, whichever is easiest.

Students should also be reading a new book to "advertise" to us for our Summer Reading Advertisement Program.  We talked about this in class last week, please talk to your kiddo for more information.

Student should have 96 entries by this Sunday.  Remember this is a place to record thoughts, ideas, stories, ponderings, etc. and they should be writing for at least 20 minutes three times a week.