week of 2-9-15

posted Feb 9, 2015, 9:48 PM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Feb 9, 2015, 9:48 PM by Lisa Griffin ]
We will be writing our papers this week: Seven graders will be doing an aspect of life around the topic of Japan and how it has changed over time and why and the sixth graders will be doing an explorer that they have been assigned in Social Studies and the impact of their explorations of their world at their time.  You are welcome to bring in your own device and/or research materials.  As you are looking over your notes, please make sure that you are including the "why" of the event - many of you had the "what" or the "how" but not the "why" when I checked research notes.  Having the "why" will help you get to your overarching question and fill in the body of your paper.  Some of you may have homework this week in the area of research, as your notes were very sparse.  Your paper is due Thursday.  You should have several people read through your drafts before turning it in.  Make sure that you are using your time wisely in class.

I am almost through all of the contest essays - please make sure to get your permission slip that should have been turned in 2 weeks ago

WN entries 43 by 2/15/15.  Writer's Notebook check will be in the next few weeks.

Astronomy- now that you know about several constellations, try to spot some this week also see if you can spot the comet this month as well as see some of the planets that are out now.

If you still need to take the practice test that was due Jan. 30, go to this site:


Please go to this site and take the grade level appropriate practice test so that you are familiar with the format before the actual test.  There will be a page at the end with your score, please print that sheet and bring it in for a homework grade.  You will receive a homework grade for making a reasonable attempt at the practice, not the score that you score. This will be due no later than January 30.  Please have your parents sign the sheet before you bring it in.  Knowing that the test is a little over an hour, you should work on it for no longer than the actual test time.

On February 19 we will have a parent night with Dr. Rich Shade and Patti Garrett Shade working on creativity.  Our staff will be having a staff development with them the Friday, February 13.  It should be a fantastic time and I am looking forward to the time spent.  Please look for more information in the Star News and the flyers sent home.  Their website is www.curiosiateaching.com.

Have a great week!!!