week of 2-24-14

posted Feb 24, 2014, 9:36 AM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Feb 24, 2014, 9:36 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
We have started our work on Night of the Notables by doing an introductory activity called A Glimpse of Greatness.  Kiddos will present these mini-research projects this week.  This activities gives us some exposure to some notables that the kiddos may not have heard of previously.  We will be doing a brainstorming activity later in the week to help us identify some other names and then hopefully by Friday we will have chosen our notables.  The kiddos can then start their research once they have their approved notable.  I know some students did a similar assignment last year, please know that the way we do it will be more in depth and more intense.  A check list of due dates is coming this week.

We will be testing TCAP with our Language Arts classes so we will see each other but probably won't have class time to work on this this next week.

Students should be writing in their Writer's Notebooks for at least 20 minutes a time, three times a week.  This is a place to record thoughts, ideas, wonderings, ponderings, stories, etc.  They should have 76 entries by this Sunday.

I apologize that I didn't get a blog out last week, our son's first birthday was Tuesday and I was at a conference on Friday and the week just flew by without me getting my blog completed.