week of 11-16-15

posted Nov 18, 2015, 9:03 AM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 9:45 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
I had a great time at NAGC last week networking and gathering fantastic ideas to bring back.  It is always invigorating to spend time with like minded people talking about these strong kiddos.

L2- We looked at past learning centers this week so that the kiddos can get start to plan their learning centers.  These are tri-fold poster boards that the kiddos will put their information, pictures, quotes, signature, blurbs, biography, bio-riddle, why are they notable paragraph, etc. on to teach about their notable.  You can find them at Michael's, The Dollar Store, Hobby Lobby, Banks, most school/craft supply places. First drafts of biography/Autobiography are due on Friday.  Please post these to the google classroom. We also talked about bio-riddles. Bio-riddles are what the students will memorize and present on December 8 or December 10 depending on which night they are presenting.  I told the kiddos that it is easier to memorize them if they rhyme and go in chronological order of their notable's life.  The bio-riddle doesn't have to rhyme however, it is a poem that gives clues to who their notable is and the last line should be Who am I?.  Timelines should be put on the learning centers. You should start thinking about your costume and gathering the parts for that.  The due dates are markers along the way, if you are ready to start working on the next step in the process, please do :)  

L3-  We are reading The Trojan War and documenting the plot, themes, and prophesies.  

WN- you need 27 entries by 11/22.  We will have our next check around 45 entries.  If you haven't turned in your entries from before, you need to do that soon.