week of 1-25-16

posted Jan 26, 2016, 8:00 AM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Jan 26, 2016, 8:01 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
L2-  We will be starting our author study looking at the style and craft of Avi.  Students will read at least one book with a book group in class and at least one other book by Avi outside of class.  Each time the groups meet, each student is responsible for bringing 3 juicy questions, 2 connections or new vocab words, and 1 passage to share with the group.  

We will also be doing some grammar each day this week and next.

WN- 41 entries by 1/31 - Remember each entry should be 20 minutes of writing time.

L3-Last week we narrowed down our topics for the Inquiry Quest and began researching topics for viability. This week we are gathering evidence around specific areas related to our topics. 

Here's what to expect for this paper and project. Students can certainly turn work in ahead of time (this will allow more time for the project).

Jan 25 - mini-lesson: How to use Google more effectively and Grammar: nouns. Research time.
Jan 26- mini-lesson: Grammar: pronouns. Research time.
Jan 27 - lesson: Grammar: verbs. Research time
Jan 28 - mini-lesson: MLA standards; how to footnote and Grammar: Adj. & Adv. Research time
Jan 29 - research time.

WN- 41 entries by 1/31 - Remember each entry should be 20 minutes of writing time.

Feb 1 - mini-lesson: Grammar:Prepositions. Writing time
Feb 2 - Rough Draft DUE
Feb 3 - Grammar: Conjunctions
Feb 4 - Grammar: Interjections. Revisions
Feb 5 - (shortened classes; Class Play in the afternoon). Revision time

Feb 8- mini-lesson: Grammar: Chapter 1 quiz. Revision
Feb 9- Revision
Feb 10- Revision
Feb 12 - No school

Feb 15 - No School

Electives: Astronomy: We will be working with our partners on our constellation research.  Remember to go out just before dawn to see the five planets that are out right now.

Have a great week! :)