week of 1-11-16

posted Jan 11, 2016, 3:27 PM by Shalaine Root   [ updated Jan 11, 2016, 3:27 PM by Lisa Griffin ]
There are many activities going on this week so make sure to check the school calendar and come out to support your fellow Eagles!

L2- We will continue working in the Junior Scholastic magazine this week.  After we have read the whole magazine and answered some comprehension questions we will start working on our argument paper around the main article "Two Sisters, Two Americas". 

L3- At this time we are beginning our work on the Inquiry Quest. We are changing the project from previous years for several reasons. We are integrating best practices for gifted children (problem based learning) and we are taking into consideration the workload that students have for other classes and the work they are doing to get ready for high school. The assignment will be sent out via Google classroom. We will do our best to coordinate due dates with other classes but it is imperative that students manage their time and their workload so that they are trying to do this at the last minute. We will give students examples of work from previous years, however, the nature of the project requires creativity and innovation on the part of the student. Once you have decided on your issue/problem to solve/look into, we will begin researching.  

Monday: Review requirements of the project, watch sample
Tuesday: Watch sample, begin to formulate guiding question
Wednesday: discussion with teacher about the scope of the project and essay.
Thursday and Friday: work time. 

WN- 37 entries by 1/17.  Remember there will be a check around 45 entries.  Remember these need to be quality 20 minutes of writing to count for an entry.