March 13th Team P Math

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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am so excited for our upcoming unit. We will be doing a class store on March 24th. Please see the flyer I will be sending home in Monday folders next week. 

Dear Team P Parents,

To wrap up our money unit we will be holding a class store. This will give students a realistic view of spending money and adding/subtracting amounts. I am asking that students bring in an item that they can “sell” at the store.

Ideas for items include: pencils, pens, small wrapped candy, snack sized foods, coloring sheets (printed or handmade-I can copy at school if needed), fun erasers, little toys… Of course your child can get creative and make something too (paper airplanes, origami, a drawing).  Whatever they choose they will need to have around 25 items.

Our store will take place Friday, March 24th so all items have to be in no later than this date. Please contact me with any questions or concerns. Thank you for your help and support!

Mrs. Pecosky

We will conclude Unit 8 this week: Multiplication and Division with the assessment on Monday. This week we will start Unit 9 which focuses on money. Students will be reviewing the types of coins and bills, working on counting money, and adding money. Students will understand what each coin is worth, the characteristics of the coins, and how we can use different coins and bills to make the same equivalent value.

Please work with your child at home with counting money, adding money together, and equivalent values. This is a great unit to pull in real life experiences so talk with your child about where you use money in your daily life. You could even have them add up prices at the grocery store or help them purchase items using dollars and coins.


Monday- WB pages 58

Tuesday- WB pages 64-65

Wednesday- WB 70-71

Thursday- WB page changed to 72, 73

Friday- IXL optional



We reached 15,000 problems! Our next goal is 20,000 problems to reach our next IXL party.

IXL reinforcement includes:

Second Grade: P.1-20

Third Grade: N.1-8, R.1-R.3; R.6; R.8