May 8th Team P Math

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 Our class hit our next goal is 20,000 problems!!!!!! I would like to celebrate the last day of Math with a popsicle party on May 23rd! If the weather permits we will go outside and have group time, and talk about our favorite memories in Math! If you would like to help donate popsicles for our party I would greatly appreciate it! You are welcome to send your student with any other snack too. If you would like to donate please email me.  Parents and siblings are welcome to celebrate with us that day during Math!   Thanks so much! 

Last week students read, interpret and create tally charts, tables, bar and picture graphs. Student really grasped this unit well and we already began our Geometry unit last week! 

Geometry is our last unit. We only have 9 days left in Math. We will some of the days on geometry,  and three days reviewing units 1-14 and two days for the final cumulative assessment and end of math celebrations. 



Monday- WB pages 170-171

Tuesday- WB pages- 179-180

Wednesday- WB pages- 182

Thursday- IXL optional (no class-zoo field trip)

Friday- IXL optional

*Any uncompleted workbook pages (page numbers lower than what is listed as homework) can also be done for homework for extra practice if needed.


Please review all units that needs practice-

Unit 1- Numbers to 1,000

Unit 2-Addition/subtraction (renaming)

Unit 3- Length

Unit 4- Weight

Unit 5- Multiplication/division

Unit 6- Multiplication 2/3 tables

Unit 7- Addition/subtraction review

Unit 8- Multiplication/division 4/5 tables

Unit 9-Money

Unit 10-Fractions

Unit 11- Time

Unit 12- Capacity

Unit 13- Tables and graphs