March 6th Team P Math

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Hello Team P Math! Students are doing a great job moving at a good pace. We will continue Unit 8 this week: Multiplication and Division. This unit focuses on the multiplication and division tables of 4, 5, and 10. We will be using the strategies we learned in previous units to memorize our 4, 5, and 10 facts. Please work with your child on counting by fours, fives, and tens this week. We will review and take our assessment on Monday.

We will start Unit 9-Money next week. 


Monday- WB pages 38-39

Tuesday- WB pages 40-41

Wednesday- WB 46-47

Thursday- WB page 52-53

Friday- IXL optional


IXL Party! -   

We reached 15,000 problems!  Thank you to those students who have been practicing 1-2 times a week on IXL. We will have our IXL party this Friday! Students may bring in an electronic device (please have their name on it) and may wear their pajamas if they would like. The students who are not bringing in a device, I will be playing a Magic School Bus related to health (as we are finishing up our health unit this week in theme) and there will be board games/math games available. 

*If anyone would like to bring in a snack (enough for 25 students and nut free) you are welcome to! Ideas- popcorn, pretzels, goldfish, fruit snacks, gram crackers, etc…



IXL reinforcement includes:

Second Grade: W9-W11; X1-X2 Third Grade: J1-J10; K1-K3; K7-K12; G1-G4; G9-G14. W.1-W.6 and x.1 and x.2,

Third Grade F.1-6 and F.11, H.1-5 and H.10


Continue to practice those ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION facts!

Please work on these at home, numbers within 20. Students should know the answers automatically (within seconds) and not count on fingers or in their heads.