4/30/18 - 5/4/18

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*Assessment day is May 4th. Students will take a Step Up to Writing End of Year writing assessment. Please have students arrive at 8 am and pick them up at 10 am or arrange Eagles' Landing child care.

States Fair - Every student has been assigned a state to complete a project on. The project must include an oral presentation, a costume, and a food sampling from the assigned state. In addition, they must choose one of the following, either a written demonstration, a tactile-kinesthetic, or a visual demonstration. A letter was sent home prior to Spring Break detailing the choices. If you need another letter, please let me know and I will get you another copy. Students will present their projects on May 16 and May 17.

What we're learning in science this week -  This week we continue our unit on the solar system. The concepts and skills students will explore are that Earth is part of the solar system, which includes the sun, moon, and other bodies that orbit the sun in predictable patterns that lead to observable paths of objects in the sky as seen from Earth. 

What we're learning in social studies this week - This week we will continue with our last state rotation! My class is finally back with me studying the Northeast region! In this rotation, the students will discover interesting facts about Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and Vermont including government, history, geography, economics, and notable people.  Students will learn state nicknames and their origins, relative sizes and bordering states, geographical features, and unusual facts.

As we learn about the states in the Northeast region, students will be assigned a variety of projects in class to demonstrate their learning. Adequate time will be given in class to finish their work, however, on occasion, students might need to bring a project home to complete. Please look for these assignments which will be written down in your child’s planner and on posted on my blog.

A geography test will conclude the unit on May 10th.  Students will need to be able to match the names of the states to their location on the map.  They will also answer a few multiple choice questions about the region's attractions, products and climate.  A pretest will be sent home to use as a study guide. An extra credit opportunity will be given to students who can write each state’s abbreviation and capital city.

The northeast region is known for its many yummy foods. If you would like to provide food or drinks from the NE region for our May 10th tasting party, please email me.

Upcoming Events:

Elementary Assessment Day- 5/4/18 Students should arrive at 8:00 and report to their literacy class. Teachers will dismiss the students at 10:00.
Northeast Region Tasting Party - 5/10/18
States' Fair - 5/16/18 - 5/17/18 
Last Day of School - 5/24/18