4/17/18 - 4/20/18

posted Apr 17, 2018, 1:07 PM by maison.oneill@stargateschool.org   [ updated Apr 17, 2018, 1:07 PM by Laura Karstens ]
This week we will be attending Battle of the Books on Tuesday! On Wednesday we will have a chance to share our Stone Fox 2- sequels to Stone Fox that we spend last week writing. At the end of the week we will discuss non-fiction texts.  

We will begin preparing for our content reports on the solar system this week. On Tuesday every student picked a planet that they will be researching. 

Content Reports: Students chose planets that they will be working on. They will need two or more resources on their planet. These resources could be books, magazines, encyclopedia, newspaper, online-please copy these so students can bring them to school. Please Include for their Bibliography for the online resource:  

Author (if applicable)

Web Address

Title of Article or Document

Date of Material (if applicable)

Title of Database

Computer Network/Service

Date of Access

Information the students will need is appearance, surface features, atmosphere, orbit, who discovered the planet, meaning of name, symbol, any interesting facts-which could include stories, myths/jokes, unique features, anything that does not fit in the other categories, etc..

Please have these resources to school by Monday, April 23rd!

Bring in resources for content report.