Week of January 19 and 25

posted Jan 22, 2016, 2:01 PM by Shelly Krill   [ updated Sep 10, 2016, 10:22 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
Not having school on Monday sure has a tendency to mess with my routines. I know how the kids feel !  My apologies again for not posting a blog this week. The exciting news is that we are starting our Mock Senate simulation and kids are well on their way! Our schedule is a little wonky to accommodate all of the 8th graders without impacting their time in Language Arts. Thanks to the kids and teachers for being flexible. 

This week: we finished our chapter on Foreign Policy and took a short test over Chapter 12 on Wednesday.
Thursday:  How does the Senate work? What do they do? 
Friday: Kids get their political assignments and their committee assignments. (The Gold Party is the Majority! Wolfgang Loudenburg is the Majority Whip, Akshot Jain is the Minority Whip). Kids also wrote three bills on behalf of their parties interests.

Next Week:
Monday: parties vote on the bills they wrote on Friday; Committees meet to brainstorm and research bills.
Tuesday: work in committees
Wednesday: committees finalize their bills and get them on the docket
Thursday & Friday: Full Senate debate and voting. 
DUE: record of bills and votes. 

Week of February 1
DUE: Reflection on the Mock Senate (google classroom)