posted Dec 16, 2013, 7:59 AM by Shelly Krill   [ updated Sep 10, 2016, 10:20 AM by Lisa Griffin ]
Hi all- What a crazy month this has been. A lot going on with kids outside the classroom and inside. We've spent some time cleaning up some loose ends, demonstrating mastery on some skills, such as conflict and story elements, that were introduced in seventh grade, and setting our sights toward 2014. To that end, this week students will be doing some quick writes and extended writing on perseverance, goal setting and how our gifts impact our success. We will be watching the movie Rudy (1993 - rated PG for mild language) which is the story of a young football player who sets his sights on Notre Dame. We will follow up with our own goal setting and self-evaluation. Note: The Independent book project due date has been moved to January 7th to allow students to read books that are more at their reading level and to adequately prepare for Science and Math assessments on December 20th).

On a more personal note - 2013 has been a year of challenges in many communities and through it all community after community has come through those challenges feeling stronger. In my eleventh year at Stargate, I am proud to say that we are still Stargate Strong. We have weathered many storms and we continue to look for the best ways to meet the needs of our gifted kids, to have meaningful communication with parents, to engage everyone in a positive learning community that celebrates our differences and holds each accountable for being our best selves. I am proud to be an Eagle and look forward to 2014.