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"Stained Glass" Mandalas!

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Please check out the following Prezi to begin your next adventure!

Clay Masks!

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Students analyzed different functions and purposes of masks, and compared and contrasted masks from every region of the world and throughout history. The Artist's Challenge is for students to evaluate information and symbolism from one or more countries and/or cultures of interest to use as inspiration for their own clay mask. Students will apply ceramic construction techniques such as slab construction, coil construction, and hand building in the sculpting of their clay masks, and will implement ceramic vocabulary words (i.e., greenware, bisqueware, glazeware, kiln, firing, score & slip). Students will synthesize and evaluate their mask making experience by writing an Artist's Statement. Please check out the below links for more information about masks throughout history and the world. Also, the links to the two prezis are below.

Prezi on the function and history of masks throughout history and the world:

Prezi on symbolism:

History of Masks

The link below contains several links to other articles about various aspects of masks, including: the history of African Tribal, Chinese, Egyptian, Dance, and Venetian masks.

Lots of examples of masks from every area of the world

Links to Websites for Masks from all over the world, by region

African Masks

African masks broken down by different ethnic group names

Egyptian Masks

Chinese Masks

Color Meanings

Video of Ancient& Secret Mask Changing (start at 1:09)

Japanese Masks

Tibetan Masks

Masks from India

Native American Masks

The following link has links to many other sites with information about Native American Masks

Mexican Masks

Maori Masks from New Zealand

Venetian Masks from Italy

5th Grade: Around the World!

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Artists will take a trip around the world by observing and discussing the artwork created in various countries, and experimenting with ancient art techniques developed by different cultures. From the ancient art of Chinese calligraphy to an African tribe’s use of symbols and printmaking techniques, students will explore artwork and art making methods from both ancient and modern societies. Students will have the opportunity to choose a country of interest and create their own artwork in response to their investigation of that culture. We’ll work with drawing, painting, clay, and printmaking techniques.

Fifth Grade: Open Studio!

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Artists will explore their creative sides in a relaxed, fun and inspiring atmosphere with Open Studio. Students may choose to work on any project in any medium (certain material quantities are restricted). Experimentation and exploration of different materials, techniques, and ideas are encouraged. The teacher will demonstrate various materials, techniques, art styles, and concepts each week. 

5: Create! 2014-2015

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Fifth grade Artists will be exploring how to communicate ideas through realistic and abstract art expressions using split-complementary, triad, and analogous color schemes; hard and soft edges for contrast; visual/implied texture; irregular and random patterns; asymmetrical balance; irregular and random rhythm; unity through the use of balance, movement, rhythm, contrast, and color; static vs. active movement; space via horizon lines, scale, and perspective; and emphasis through a focal point. We will be critiquing art from throughout history and the world by describing, analyzing, interpreting, and comparing and contrasting artists, artworks, and cultures such as Riley, Breton, Magritte, Durer, and Fukuda among others. Transformation and concealment will be two big ideas we’ll explore through surrealism, optical illusions, identity clay boxes, and color theory paintings. Artists will discover their inner creativity by experimenting with different drawing, printmaking, painting, and sculpting techniques. The focus of this class is on the artistic process, and freeing oneself from the idea of how something “should look,” to creating for fun, relaxation, and communication. Available materials, in limited quantities, include clay, paint, collage materials, drawing instruments, and printmaking supplies.

Week of 4/21/14-4/25/14

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5-6 Artists will apply proper glazing techniques to bisqueware by completing the glazing process. Artists will evaluate their artistic process by writing Artist Statements about their completed identity boxes

Week of 4/7/14 - 4/11/14

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5-6 Artists will observe and identify the key characteristics of Surrealism by observing and discussing works by Breton, Ernst, Ray, and Dali and playing the Exquisite Corpse game. Artists will analyze how the use of line, shape, size, and composition can create optical illusions by evaluating works by Riley & Vasarely, and creating at least three different types of optical illusions. Artists will evaluate the similarities and differences between surrealism and optical illusion art.

Week of 3/10/14 - 3/14/14

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5-6 Artists will demonstrate the slab construction technique by creating a square identity box out of clay.  Artists will compare and contrast the effects of embossing, impressing, and incising by experimenting with test tiles. Artists will combine demonstrated clay techniques in the creation of ceramic identity boxes, and utilize ceramic vocabluary terms throughout the clay making process.


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5-6 Artists will discuss observations of Lucas Samaras' work by examining and talking about his artwork as a class. Artists will compare and contrast different ways to visually communicate one idea to viewers by sketching different ways to represent one idea. Artists will examine their identities, and distinguish what they reveal to others from aspects of themselves that they conceal by designing an identity ceramic box. Artists will evaluate which ideas most clearly communicate their ideas and feelings to viewers by sharing ideas with peers.

Week of 2/10/14 - 2/13/14

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5-6 Artists have completed the mural, and responses have been wonderful from the Stargate community! Emails will go out regarding the official unveiling of the mural, which will take place next trimester. For their final week in everyday Art, Artists will demonstrate sculpture skills by exploring and experimenting with ceramic building techniques. Artists will analyze the information their sculptures communicate to others by evaluating the various components of the artwork with at least two peers.

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