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Secondary Adroit

Adroit at Stargate Middle School works on continuing to develop the five design-thinking concepts, as well as allowing them more freedom and time to create and innovate.  At Stargate High School, Adroit intensifies and broadens to allow students the opportunity to implement Adroit thinking into every aspect of their daily lives.  The goal is that Adroit and design-based thinking allows students the opportunity to integrate all five stages - Empathize, Define, Ideate, Protoype and Test - into their college experience and careers beyond school.
Middle School Adroit

Middle School Adroit allows students more freedom to create and innovate, and begin to discover and develop their areas of passion.  As students move into the Middle School years, they are encouraged to become more independent in their creations and begin to connect the dots with real world issues as well.

Students attend Adroit more often as they enter middle school, and are able to spend more time on creation and innovation, as well as group work.  

High School Adroit

Adroit at the High School level is designed to prepare students for their post-secondary journey, whether that includes college, trade school, or pursuing a career.  The program is designed to help students discover their passion and explore ways to turn this passion into a pursuit beyond Stargate.

Freshman Year:  Adroit class includes study time, gifted discussion groups, development of passion areas, test preparation and passion projects.

Sophomore Year: Students continue with similar curriculum as freshman year, with more emphasis on passion projects and defining areas of passion in addition to study time, gifted discussion groups and test preparation.

Junior Year:  The Adroit program intensifies, and Junior students will explore internship opportunities, as well as spend time on ACT/SAT preparation.

Senior Year:  Students utilize their class time for post-secondary planning and internships, as well as a capstone passion project.

The goal throughout the last years of Adroit is to fully integrate Adroit-based thinking into every aspect of students' lives.  The hope is that students continue to implement their ability to approach every problem with the mindset of solving it.  Students also understand that failure is part of every process of creativity, and that continuing to try despite failure is essential to success in the end.