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Elementary Adroit

Stargate students begin Adroit classes in kindergarten, and it is a specials class that all students in grades K-5 have for one trimester each school year.  The curriculum is focused on introducing the five design-thinking concepts - Empathize, Define, Ideate, Protoype and Test - and letting students use their creativity and imaginations to explore the world of Adroit.  

The Elementary School Adroit curriculum was created to lay the foundation for the design-thinking process, and develop a mindset that allows students to approach each problem with the idea and belief that they can solve it using the five stages of design-thinking.  Students are supervised, yet allowed to explore problems and projects using their natural creativity and innovative thinking.  In addition, students are taught that failure is part of the process of creation, and can often lead to the best solutions as the end result.

Students are encouraged at every level to use Adroit time to discover their passions with the idea that their passions are important and valuable, and can have real world applications beyond the walls of Stargate.  The passions of the studentss do not have to be academically-oriented; they are encouraged to pursue any passion that speaks to them.

The most important aspect of the elementary school years of the Adroit program is developing the mindset and confidence that all problems are solvable when approached correctly, as well as the idea that their passions are important and deserve focus, time and attention.