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Adroit Expo

The 2018 Adroit Expo was held on April 27th. We are so excited each year for our kids to show their passion projects to the community.  

The Adroit Expo is a day for the whole school to present their passion projects to the community. Students begin their passion project at the beginning of the school year by choosing an area of passion and creating a project based on this passion. There are no rules, no grades and no limitations to passion projects. On Expo Day, students present their project to the community along with their Homeroom (K-5) or Advance (6-11) classes. They also write a reflection on their experience, their project and why it is an area of passion for them. Community members who have turned their passion into a career are also invited to attend and present. We want our students to understand that a passion can become a lifelong pursuit!

Stargate's first Adroit Expo was held during the 2016-2017 school year. Below are some images from that event. We will update with more photos after this year's Adroit Expo! For more information about the 2018 Adroit Expo, including the schedule, check out the article posted in News and Announcements.

              Adroit Expo 2017 Welcome Sign