1-2 Team

Welcome to the 1-2 Team Page

Click on the links to the left to access your teacher's home pages and literacy/math blogs. You can also find information on this page specific to your next two years here at Stargate as your student completes first and second grade.

What's New?
  • Your student is now transitioning into a classroom with two different grade levels. Students will be in mixed grade level classrooms through eighth grade.
  • Each morning your student will go outside for snack recess. Students can enjoy a snack brought from home during this time.
  • There are nine teachers in the first and second grade team; both grade levels will be present in your student's classes.
  • At the end of the school day, students will be dismissed at their homeroom teacher’s designated spot outside the front of the building. Please find your child's homeroom teacher after school and ensure the teacher releases the student before leaving the area.

2017-2018 Information
  • Curriculum/Team Policies: Please see our team documents for specific information for this school year.
  • Grades: You may check your child's grades at any time on Infinite Campus. If you don't know your access information please contact info@stargateschool.org.
  • Planners: Students are expected to bring home their 3-ring binder/planner EVERY DAY! If they do not have a stamp marked on that day it means they did not turn in their homework or were not prepared for class that day. If there is no homework due that day they will get a stamp for coming to class prepared.
  • Late Work Policy: If your child is missing work and it is older than 2 weeks old, they cannot receive an extra copy from the teacher. However, if the assignment is found they can turn it in as long as it is within the same trimester. Your child can check his/her cubby, desk, and the no name folder for missing work. If work it is found it needs to be turned into the appropriate teacher to receive credit.
Teacher Pages

Each member of our team has her own page where you can learn more about the class and class activities. To find a teacher's page, click on the link under their photo. To learn more about Specials classes, click the links on the left.

Team Leads

Team Lead and other Communications Pathways contacts can be found in this directory.